10 Green Bean Recipes to Try Tonight


I got a text message from my Aunt last week, asking me if I wanted any green beans. Thanks to my cousin’s boss planting way too much for one family to eat in a century, they’ve been sharing the produce wealth. Within hours of saying yes, I had an enormous bag of beans sitting on [...]

An Un-iversary

divorce 1

Today should be my fifth wedding anniversary. Should be.  It’s not. Ben and I separated this Spring, ultimately making the final decision that divorce was the best option.   I have experienced quite a lot of growth over the past year. Some by necessity. Some by force. Some by sheer trial-and-error. During the final weeks [...]

Saving Undies with U by Kotex


One of the biggest pet peeves of having pcos is never knowing what’s going on with my cycle. Having no rhyme or reason means my period can (and has) shown up with no warning, at the most inconvenient times. Many pairs of cute underwear have paid the price. So when Kotex offered to let me [...]



I started a new job this week. An outside-the-home, actually talk to other people face-to-face, with a regular paycheck kind of job. It’s the final requirement for the organization that helped me get a wheelchair accessible van. In the midst of starting training, I’m also finishing up the last month of my current online, contract [...]

Keeping Girl Talk Stylish with Kleenex


This is a sponsored post for Kleenex. I got an unexpected call from a friend while I was out shopping the other day. Instead of her normal cheery self, the voice on the other line was hysterical. A worst-day-ever stress had left her a sobbing mess. After a few minutes of venting, calming down, and [...]

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas


With the weather warming up and Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, I’ve been in the mood for a really good margarita. While the usual celebrations around here on May 5th are minimal at best, it seems every restaurant and bar on Earth has a sale on margaritas. That in itself is reason enough [...]

What is Sperm Capacitation?


A few months ago, I introduced you to a company that helps couples get pregnant by improving the environment for proper sperm capacitation. Since this was a totally new concept for me, I did some research on what exactly sperm capacitation is – and why it’s important for anyone trying to get pregnant to know.  [...]