Florida and First Meetings


Two weeks ago, Josh and I took our first vacation together and drove down to his Florida hometown, to visit his family, whom I was meeting for the first time. I've done the drive (which is about 18 hours, one way), between Pennsylvania and Florida a handful of times, and it's something I have a ...

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New: Purex Powershot Detergent


My best friend refuses to buy liquid laundry detergent because her hubby and other family members are notorious over-pourers. Considering that detergent isn’t exactly cheap when you’re doing laundry for a full household, using too much laundry soap is literally washing money down the drain. If you’ve got an over-pourer in your household,  the New…

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7 Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know


The following is a guest post.  Every one of us spends a considerable amount of time in kitchen and every single time we wish it’s over even before we know it. Well that sounds impossible and certainly it is, but what could be done is some implementations some alteration in the kitchen habits. Perhaps they…

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How Much Do You Really Know About Wheelers? {infographic}


I stumbled across a really cool infographic about wheelchair users last week that I wanted to share – a lot of it is information that even I didn’t know, like tourist attractions in the 50 States are the most accessible. You’ve never really micromanaged vacation plans until you’ve had to organize every bathroom break to…

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My Top 5 Events to See at the Great American Outdoor Show

Great American Outdoor Show 2015 info

The Great American Outdoor Show is opening at the PA Farm Show Complex tomorrow, and the week-long expo has a ton of fantastic events and vendors planned!   I remember going to the expo as a kid with my dad, who was an avid hunter and fisherman. Even from a wheelchair, my dad was a…

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Spread a Little Love with an Extra $50 {giveaway}


Seriously, HOW IS IT FEBRUARY ALREADY? This year is already going by so fast! Now that the hustle of the holidays are behind us, we’re heading straight into the next expensive celebration – Valentine’s Day. I’ve already seen a lot of love it/hate it comments on social media regarding Cupid’s big day . . ….

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Alexander’s Very Bad Day Blu-ray Giveaway


Alexander’s Very Bad Day Blu-ray Giveaway Welcome to the Alexander’s Very Bad Day Blu-ray Giveaway! Did you know that Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY is coming to Blu-ray February 10th? How would you like a chance at winning a copy of the Blu-ray + Digital HD ? Then you have…

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Eat Right This Year with MealFit (Giveaway)


I am really excited to get a chance to share this giveaway with you – especially at this time of year when everyone’s working hard to keep their resolutions – many of them health and weight loss oriented. While I’ve had some decent results from using a dieting program in the past, I am trying…

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