Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible (Infographic)


Big thanks to Home Access Products for sharing these fantastic accessibility tips! Be sure to check out their infographic at the bottom for even more great ideas. When a wheelchair becomes necessary in someone you love’s life, many aspects of your life will have to be adjusted to your new lifestyle. One of the most [...]

Three Reasons to Work with Linqia


When people want to know about blogging, they usually ask three questions: What’s a blog? (and/or) How do I start one? How do I get people to READ my blog? How do I make MONEY on my blog? If you’ve been blogging more than 3 seconds, you’ve learned that there are a ton of bloggers [...]

10 Hilarious Divorce Party Cakes

di vorce cake

If Spring is the Season of Love, then Fall is apparently the time of divorce:  Hell, even  Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey announced their split just a few weeks ago! With my own separation process recently starting, and a good friend filing as well, the jokes of having a divorce party have been getting thrown [...]

Training a Headstrong Puppy: 3 Tips to Save Your Sanity


Little Mowgli has been at the house for about a month, which means we’re knee-deep in training. One of the things I adore about the Shiba Inu breed is their cocky, too-smart-for-their-own-good attitude . . . but it also means they’re apt to follow their own whims rather than your commands. Sure, I could always enroll [...]