What is Sperm Capacitation?


A few months ago, I introduced you to a company that helps couples get pregnant by improving the environment for proper sperm capacitation. Since this was a totally new concept for me, I did some research on what exactly sperm capacitation is – and why it’s important for anyone trying to get pregnant to know.  [...]

Crate Furniture Ideas

crate coffee table

After ordering our new sofa and coming up with a color scheme, the next step in our home renovation project was to start thinking about the fun accent furniture pieces. Frankly, it’s pretty much all we can do until the weather starts warming up so we can get ready for flooring and painting. The first [...]

Sneak Preview: The Essential Collection at Rivet & Sway

rivet and sway eye glasses

 Disclosure: This post contains my Rivet & Sway affiliate link.  Since doing my original review of Rivet & Sway glasses over a year ago, I’ve had tons of compliments on my Rizzo frames. I’m getting ready to order a second pair, which is why, as a R&S ambassador,  I’m super excited to share a sneak [...]



It’s been so long since I’ve used this blog to talk about personal stuff, I honestly don’t even know where to begin. The last month has been really hard. Really fucking, emotionally-shattering, mind-numbingly hard. Death, divorce, birth, adoption. Some happened, some were just words tossed around, and some were lies I told myself were better [...]

The Best Bacon Spinach Artichoke Dip


Did you know that this Sunday is National Artichoke Day? Artichokes are one of the oldest foods known to man, and are actually in the sunflower family. In Greek mythology, Zeus turned his mistress into the first artichoke plant after he caught her trying to sneak out of Olympia. Possibly the strangest punishment theory, ever. A [...]

Tips for Planning a Home Renovation


This year, I’m trying to follow through with projects in all aspects of my life. January’s project was to start tackling some majorly overdue repairs and renovations at my house.  In the past eight years I’ve lived in my family home after my father’s death, we haven’t done much in terms of upgrading our living [...]

Improving Fertility Naturally with ToConceive – Plus a Giveaway!


Because infertility affects each couple differently, I love being able to introduce new fertility products to my readers. After learning more about how ToConceive might improve your chances of successful pregnancy, scroll to the bottom for a chance to win a bottle! How does ToConceive work? ToConceive is an all-natural conception lubrication that is clinically proven to [...]

Win a pair of custom made earrings – giveaway!


The lovely Brooke of Diary of a Determined Momma is running a really cool giveaway and was nice enough to share the info with my awesome readers! If you’re looking for a little something special to finish off your Valentine’s day outfit, check out these gorgeous, custom-made earrings from Calluna Muse and be sure to [...]

Happy Birthday Elvis! Peanut Butter and Banana Trifle


Happy Birthday, Elvis! If the King were still alive today, he would be celebrating his 79th birthday today. I have to admit, I’m not a die-hard Elvis fan, but my cousin’s husband is – and he does an . . . interesting Elvis impersonation once in a while that usually has us all dying of [...]