About Crippled Girl

I’m Jenn: a 20-something wife and writer with more college debt than bylines. My sarcasm cup overfloweth with inappropriate wheelchair jokes.

If you asked me what I’m all about, I’d simply tell you that I rock harder than I roll.

My metal-head husband (Ben) and I tied the knot in August ’09. It’s not always rainbows and unicorn farts around here. Truth is, we fight it out, work it out, and stick it out . . . and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m physically disabled and haul my ass around in an electric wheelchair, thanks to Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a progressive disease, where the muscles in my arms, legs (Limbs), and hips (Girdle) are slowly deteriorating. If that wasn’t fun enough, I’m also a type 2 diabetic and recently diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome (pcos).

All of the above issues has made trying to have (non-crippled) babies a real adventure. Although it’s been a long process, we’re finally getting close to the end goal of a BFP (or for those of you not up on your conception/infertility lingo, that’s code for a “big fat pregnancy”, aka a positive pregnancy test).

The smallest member of the welcoming committee . . . on break apparently.

I like giving strange nicknames to my loved ones and talking to strangers in the grocery store, even if Ben thinks it’s creepy.  I’m generally irritated when people don’t smile back.

I love penguins more than any sane person should (the animal, not the hockey team. Ben is a die-hard Flyers fan). I humor Ben’ sports obsession by ignoring him and tweeting  rooting for “my” teams, which I pick based solely on jersey colors and animal-based sponsors.

My house is usually covered in dirty dishes and fur, but when you walk in the door you’re immediately bombarded by kisses from the welcoming committee (aka my three dogs) and invited to stay for dinner.

I always thought that was a good trade off, don’t you?


  1. says

    I am also on wheels and share your outlook on it, And no disrespect, but I’ll bet my boyfriend loves penguins more than you do! :) Anyway, it’s nice to *meet* you, and I’ll be reading along!


  2. says

    Good for you for smiling at people in the grocery store. :) Your blog title caught me on someone else’s blog roll…had to come over and check it out. I have a cutie of a 4yo with Down’s, which has made me look at issues of accessibility & disability in a whole new way.

  3. says

    I Just met you and I love you already. Doggy kisses are fine with me as long as they’re not on the mouth…lol. I’m also in PA. What part are you in? I’ve been looking at your media kits and loving them. I have eight sites 5 of which I use regularly in a professional capacity so I would like to spruce up their image with regards to media kits. I was feeling really good about my Site Stats pages until I saw your Media kits…lol.

    Let’s talk.

    Dee recently posted…Mia Bella GiveawayMy Profile

  4. says

    So glad I found your blog by clicking on over from Kristen’s. Great guest post there today :-)

    I look forward to reading more, and from one infertile to another, hang in there, girl!

  5. Miranda Riddle says

    You are absolutely hysterical. I love it when strangers speak to me in the grocery store (although when it happens in Wal-Fart, it usually gives me the willies.) Disabled doesn’t always mean unable and I can’t think of a better example of that than you. I foster for an amazing rescue, so bring on the dog spit! I usually have a pocketful of treats anyway. <3

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