WW: Slacking & Sewing

I have to admit, I haven’t given my blog a second glance in almost  a week. But that’s not to say I haven’t been doing something. I made some cute little handbags!   I’ll have something to post, eventually. Probably once I run out of fabric.

Tips for making awesome cupcakes

Waste an afternoon on Stumbleupon, and come across photos of baked goods until you want to lick the computer screen. Buy a boxed cake mix and focus on the awesome frosting. (The only changes I made to the recipe was to add more zest and juice of two oranges to the frosting. You’ll need more […]

Triflin' Elvis (dessert recipe)

I’m super proud of my latest dessert concoction,  so I’m going to link it up with It’s A Hodgepodge Friday this week. Triflin’ Elvis  What you’ll need: 1 cake, cut into squares. I made a pound cake from scratch, but boxed mixes or store bought works too. 32oz container of vanilla (or plain) yogurt 3 cups (approx) […]

The Front and Back of the House

I’m linking up with Gay at It’s a Hodgepodge Life this week! With the beautiful weather we’ve had, Ben and I got the home-improvement itch. Since money is tight, we stuck to a relatively inexpensive job, but one that we really needed to do: staining/waterproofing the back deck. After three days of painting, we were […]

Veggie & Rice Casserole

This yummy little concoction is the result of  “we need to go grocery shopping” fridge-cleaning, and is based on the broccoli casserole I make for Thanksgiving, which is based on green bean casserole. Still with me? As with all my food adventures, I rarely measure, so consider yourself warned. Veggie & Rice Casserole Fill 2/3 […]

Yarn Balls and Basketballs

When plans to see The Lovely Bones fell through Friday night, I went to a crocheter’s plan B: organizing my yarn. As the night progressed, I looked around the living room and realized “wow, I have no life.”  I even got Ben to help … sort of. After he untangled himself and I stopped laughing, […]