Kmart Easter Build-a-Basket Challenge

With Easter being only two days away, Ben and I took a trip to this week to shop for our Godson’s (aka, Little Dude) gift. We had the chance to participate in the #KmartEaster Build-a-Basket challenge, which was to make your own basket of goodies for $30.


Before we went shopping, I got a chance to browse online, where I learned more about Kmart’s Shop Your Way Rewards program, which I had actually signed up for the last time we were there, without really paying attention to what it was all about. What I hadn’t realized that, the points you earn are turned into actual dollar value that can be used on a future purchase.

So I quickly signed up for the online account services to find out I had $1.13 from my last trip that I was completely unaware of.

 To see photos of our entire shopping trip, check out my Google+ album here

One of the reasons this Easter is important to me is being able to see Dude’s face as he checks out all of his basket goodies. He’s in that very short-lived age where everything is awesome and intriguing (even though he’d rather play in the dog’s water dish than with any actual toy, but I digress . . .). Plus, getting to see Dude in general helps keep the baby-crazies in check, at least for a little while.

Since Dude is only 19 months old, there were a couple of issues we had to address with what we could put in his basket. After checking with his mom, we knew that marshmallows, gummies,  hollow chocolate, and chocolate with “crunchies” were all okay options . . . and to avoid anything with nuts or anything chewy (like taffy).

We also found out that he was getting quite a few baskets from family members, so we wanted to give him some a more unique basket so he’d have some variety throughout the day.

Originally, I wanted to put his gifts in a toy dump truck, that way his “basket” was an additional toy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t feasible with our budget, so we started looking for other options. Ben found these adorable wheelbarrows that are the perfect size for Dude. We’re not sure if his toys in the basket are going home with him or staying here for him to play with when they visit, but I’m thinking he’ll love taking the wheelbarrow out in our big back yard.

The wheelbarrow was actually a better value than the baskets, which were about the same price ($8), but couldn’t really be played with. For the most part, Ben and I agreed on everything else that went in the basket: some small jungle animals, a hollow chocolate bunny, some marshmallow candy, a bag of pretzel Goldfish so it wasn’t a total sugar overload, and a super cute puppy plush, since Dude is enthralled with our three dogs. (Seriously, he doesn’t even notice we’re in the room most of the time, as long as he has the furbabies around him.)

There was one part of the basket that Ben and I DID argue over . . .

The three or four other parents shopping in the toy section got an amusing show from Ben and I, as we argued over the necessity of giving a toddler a very large, plastic weapon, which he will most likely use to terrorize his mother. In the middle of the night. I sincerely hope she’s not reading this post, because I had hoped to play ignorance on this one. In the end, Ben was adamant about Dude needing a wiffle ball bat (or a “bumble bat” . . . which I’m assuming Ben calls that because he was a mean child who used bumblebees for batting practice) and into the cart it went.

Figures it ended up being MY responsibility to try to figure out how to put make an enormous green bat fit in the Easter basket. Gotta love how that works.

I have to say, I thought the “basket” came out pretty great, even with the baseball bat teetering in the back!

 While the traditional animal plushes for Easter are bunnies, ducks, and whatnot, Dude’s mom actually sent me a text message while we were in the store to tell me that Dude has started saying “dawg dawg” whenever he sees a dog, and we were actually headed to the toy section at the time, so it just made sense to pick up a puppy. Plus, the ears on the plush are similar to our Dachshund’s ears, which Dude likes to touch.  I love how he looks like he’s actually sitting in the wheelbarrow, with his head hanging over the edge.

The other part of the basket that I really like are the jungle animals peering over the side. It reminds me of Noah’s Ark.

The only thing I want to change before giving the basket to Dude on Sunday is figuring out a way to have more of the Easter grass showing. I figured, it IS a wheelbarrow after all, so it’s fitting to have lots of grass in it, right?

Either way, I am really excited to see Dude’s face when he shows up this weekend and sees his new toys and treats from his “Fairy GodParents”.

Did you make Easter basket(s) this year? How much do you typically spend? What are your basket “staples”?


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    • CrippledGirl says

      Thanks! I’m hoping it’s nice out on Sunday so I can take some photos/video of him trying it out in the back yard 😀

    • CrippledGirl says

      Hopefully everything is on clearance by tomorrow night – so you’ll get a good deal on stuff!! Shopping is always a fun way to extend a date night, too!

  1. says

    I really love the wheelbarrow idea. I think I’m going to try to find a train with open cars for my oldest since that’s his current obsession. I like that it doesn’t have a bunch of candy and the gifts are so varied. You did such a great job with it!
    Determined Momma recently posted…Twenty Free Kindle BooksMy Profile

    • CrippledGirl says

      Thanks! I love the idea of a train! Each open car can hold different things, which would be so cute!

      I originally wanted a dump truck or tractor, but it just wasn’t feasible with our budget. The one I really wanted was $30 on its own!

  2. Summer Davis says

    You guys did a GREAT job!!! I LOOOVE the wagon as the “basket”. SUPER smart. :) He’s a lucky little dude!

    • CrippledGirl says

      Thank you! I’m just hoping his momma loves the wagon enough to not kill me for letting Ben buy him a baseball bat! 😛

    • CrippledGirl says

      Thanks! I just hope he actually pays attention to it before running off with our dogs! The last time he was here, he barely noticed the people in the room! lol

    • CrippledGirl says

      Ben was SO excited to do the basket challenge for Dude, and I do drag him along to all of my shopping adventures. He’s always a good sport (no pun intended!) with letting me take tons of photos of him while we’re shopping, so I guess I can’t really complain about him demanding the baseball bat.

  3. dude's mom says

    Nenny, of course I’m gonna read this! I love the idea of the wheelbarrow. And, even though you don’t think its a food idea, the ‘bumble bat’ is a big ok with me! It cannot be any harder than books, big bouncy balls or sippy cups being thrown at my head.

    I can confirm that when the dogs are out, no one else matters. So that ‘daugw’ plushie is perfect!

    Ah! He’s gonna love it. Thank you!!

    • CrippledGirl says

      So much for surprising you lol. I’m just glad you’re okay with the bat!

      Although, I still think we need to teach Dude to smack Ben with it. It’s only fair, right?

  4. says

    I LOVE the wheelbarrow idea! That is totally something I would do. Two years ago we used a Red Flyer wagon as his “basket” and last year we used, well, a wooden outdoor play set (jungle gym?). We just placed things all over it – on the ladder steps, on beams, on the swing, etc. It was a huge splurge but it kept him busy for hours and hours last summer! I love keeping it fresh and exciting! This year is a little different – we’re in Germany and I’m trying to avoid collecting too much extra crap. So I am using a little plastic basket that I use for odds and ends, shredding eishockeynews newspaper for grass, and I bought him a coloring book, a German kindergarten “activity” book for summer practice, and some yummy German chocolates. It’s not Easter over here without a Kinder Uberraschung! 😉
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    • CrippledGirl says

      I love the idea of a wagon! And I can’t blame you at all for not wanting to haul around more stuff between countries! :)

    • CrippledGirl says

      Thank you! I’m half tempted to not tell Ben that his mom has seen the post, and let him sweat it out a little. (Not like he really is worried, he thought it was a fantastic idea in the first place lol)

    • CrippledGirl says

      He’d have a blast helping you with a wheelbarrow, I’m sure!! It’d be the perfect size for him! :)


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