Ovacue Bundle Giveaway!

Now that I’ve told you all how wonderful I think the Ovacue Fertility Monitor is, how would you like to try it out yourself?

You would? OH GOODIE!

The awesome people at FairHaven Health are offering one of my lovely readers an Ovacue bundle, including the monitor, oral sensor, and additional vaginal sensor, to help every woman get their BFP! This is a $329 value, and I’m almost jumping out of my skin with excitement for you!!!

The winner should know that I fully intend to ask to stalk your charts and be included in the first group of people you tell when you’re pregnant. You can tell your mom first, that’s cool. 

Okay, okay: I’m kinda totally kidding about that last part. Kinda Totally.

Ready to Win? Enter using the Rafflecopter form below, between today, Wednesday March 28 and Midnight, Wednesday April 11.

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  1. says

    TTC Tip:
    Even when you don’t feel lucky, keep doing what you need to be doing to conceive. I know everyone says you have to have a positive attitude and you can’t give up hope or you’re lost, but I am here to testify that it isn’t true. What matters is less about your attitude and more about your actions. The attitude makes your more pleasant to be around, both for you and other people (which is really what they’re concerned about), but the actions are ultimately the thing that will work.

  2. Sonya Morris says

    I have three kids and my TTC journey has just started, so my tip is to not wait so long to finish or start your family. Being a teen mom is not what I am suggesting, just know it is harder TTC the closer you get to 40. :)
    Good luck everyone!

  3. Lindsay says

    So many tips..but a few that I always do are make sure to either temp or use OPKs, lay in bed (sometimes with hips elevated) for a good 30 minutes after bd’ing, use preseed because clomid sure does have some drying effects! And there’s more..but I’m sure others will cover those!

  4. says

    See, I never got the “It’ll happen when you least expect it story.” I was 13 when I was diagnosed with PCOS and the “wonderful” doctor exclaimed, “Oh this is the worst case of PCOS I have ever encountered, and by the way you will never have children.” Well further testing as an adult proved that the first doc was totally wrong. Everyone in my family just think we’re waiting until DH’s kids get older….HA!

  5. Sarah K says

    One day I got a voicemail from my FIL… it began “Hi guys, just wanted to let you know, this is Grandpa K…”

    Grandpa K. The man is not a grandfather, and DH and I are his best bet at grandkids right now. For one heart-stopping moment, I thought he was going to tell us that my 15-year-old SIL was pregnant, but then he continued with the conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

    He meant us. He was just trying it out, to see how it sounded. So that’s my “When you least expect it” story. My FIL tried to announce our (non-existent) pregnancy for us. We didn’t expect that!

  6. Cagney Breese says

    Me & DH have been TTC for 6 1/2 years. Neither of us have children prior to this relationship/marriage. There are so many things that people have told us over the years of TTC. ‘When you stop trying so hard-That’s when it will happen’

  7. Hailey E says

    TTC Tip:
    Get checked out by a doctor or specialist if you think there might be a problem. That way you are not wasting your time if there is a serious problem.

  8. Lorettia says

    TTC Tip: Get off Birth Control a long time before you want to get pregnant! Use other forms of protection if you are still waiting, but it can take up to a year or longer for the body to return to normal after quitting birth control.

  9. Tian says

    I’m TTC this year for my 2nd baby. The best tip, never say give up, human only try the best, and let God do the rest. :)

  10. says

    TTC Tip: We are trying for our third baby and with our first two, got pregnant right off of bc. Since bc helps with ovarian cysts, it is better in my case for me to try really hard to get pregnant the very month we get off bc.

  11. Shylah says

    TTC story: My mom and I were sitting talking one day and she asked me when I was going to make her a grandmother. I told her we have already been trying for 15 months and it just hasn’t happened yet. She told me “all the women are very fertile in this family, it must be him” and I explained to her we had the sperm count done and I was tested and everything is normal. She then told me I’m not having enough sex… Thanks mom…

  12. Christina N says

    As explained by my doctor…quit stressing when TTC I was being a bit erratic. He told me my stress could be negatively affecting me so now i am just trying to relax and let things happen.

  13. says

    We are ready and are literally going to start trying in just a couple of weeks! I know I have a lot to learn, so thanks for all of the tips! I kind of feel like with my husband’s disability, we should go ahead and get checked out by the doc before we “waste time,” but is it really wasting time? 😉 I know they are going to look at us like we are crazy, but hello – we’ve been married 2.5 years, and nothing has happened yet… oh, and this is some secret info I am leaving in a blog comment. NOT even my sister knows this!! (mainly b/c she will tell my mother who will FREAK and try to talk me out of it)
    Dana Brown Ritter recently posted…PinspiredMy Profile

  14. says

    Keep the Faith. You have to keep the faith. I have been trying for the last 2.5 years. During that time, I have lost 3 babies at 15-16 wks gestation. I have been tested and they can find nothing wrong with me. I have other children, so I know it CAN happen, and I CAN carry to term. So, that’s where my faith comes in. I have to keep the faith that it will happen again, and I will carry to term.

    I blogged about the giveaway: http://matryoshkamama.blogspot.com/2012/04/trying-to-win-again.html

  15. Beth R says

    The worst advice I have gotten is once you relax and stop trying it will happen for you. I wish it was that easy

  16. says

    You are doing it wrong.
    Just have sex every day for a month.
    It will happen when you least expect it.
    Are you sure you’re doing it right?
    Just get your mind off of it.
    You already have one kid, what’s the rush?
    Isn’t Nathaniel enough?
    I could go on and on but you get the idea.
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted…BodyMedia FIT {review}My Profile

  17. Graham says

    I really hate when people say isn’t one enough for you. You should be happy with what you have. Yes, I am beyond blessed, but the want is more for my son to have a sibling. I don’t want him to grow up alone.

  18. Alex Liz Robinson says

    The worst advice comes from the people who get pregnant just by kissing their husbands. They always say to be patient but that is always easy for them to say because it happens for them so easily for them.

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