Perfect Uterus: I haz one

At least that’s what my RE says.


My follow up appointment Thursday morning went pretty much the way I expected it to. Yes, I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome, aka pcos. However, the good news is that I still have eggs, my thyroid levels are normal, and most of my other levels are good too.

And, after an internal exam and an ultrasound, everything else seems to be in good condition. Ben could barely contain himself as my doctor exclaimed over my “perfect uterus and wonderful ovaries”.

So I now have a prescription for Provera to stimulate a cycle. Turns out I was wrong – my doctor was pushing the idea of taking SOMETHING for the cycle,  but he actually suggested Provera over taking birth control. (Gee, really twist my arm on this one).  So for now it’s a matter of working on charting basal temps to see if I ovulate, ever, and continuing to get a tighter control on my blood sugars and work on losing weight.

My doctor also reminded me that I’m a long way from being ready for infertility meds, like Chlomid, but at least its a step in the right direction.


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    sounds good! (sorry, i’m behind in my reading!)
    good luck! charting temps is a hassle… but it worked for me and we now have our sweet eloise!
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