Stopping for a Sweet Treat: McDonald's Smoothies

This month has been pretty crazy, thanks to my weekly driver training. And with this Friday being my last day, when I have to re-take my driver’s test (included parallel parking the full-sized van), it’s been even more hectic around here this week. So when Ben and I got the chance to review some of the fruit smoothies from McDonald’s, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Plus, if we were already heading to McDonald’s for smoothies, we could pick up dinner and then I didn’t have to cook, which is always a win in my book.

There are two McDonalds near my house, and they are owned by two separate franchises. The closer one sucks, but the good one is twice the drive. Because we weren’t in the mood to drive anymore (the days I have training, I’m in the car for 4+ hours), we took our chances with the closer McDonalds.

That ended up being a total mistake. I actually worked at this McDonald’s when I was 16, so I could literally have rolled my happy little crippled butt in there and done it myself; and quite frankly, I probably should have, since the oblivious teenagers working the drive-thru window were not very helpful. For one thing, we didn’t get napkins, and then they shoved our food into one bag, when it really needed two. The real kicker was that the dumb kid handed us FOUR cups (our drink meals and the smoothies) instead of giving us a cup carrier. So I go to sit and hold our food and the smoothies during the car ride home, hoping that nothing spilled.

Check out the full photo album from our trip to McDonald’s.

Thankfully, whoever was working the grill had a clue, because all of our food was hot and made well.  And even though our smoothies were half-melted from me holding them in the car, they were really good.

I usually don’t order specialty drinks from fast food places, because of the high sugar content messing with my diabetes. I can tell you that while the mang0-pineapple smoothie was awesome, I could only take a few sips before I started getting cotton mouth/headache, which are my body’s usual signs of sugar-overload. So my smoothie is hanging out in the fridge for me to drink slowly over the next couple of days, unless Ben finishes it tomorrow morning on his way to work. He ordered the strawberry-banana, which he apparently liked very much, since it was gone in about 30 seconds.

Have you tried any of the smoothies from McDonald’s? What flavor is your favorite?


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