The Give and Take

I’ve been looking forward to BBC Philly for freaking months and months a while. It’ll be my second time there, and a long-overdue weekend away.

But since I’m still in the middle-stages of getting an accessible van that I can drive from the wheelchair, that means Ben has to take me. And since the option of dropping me off and picking me back up means 10 hours of driving time for him, he’s whined we’ve decided it’d be easier for him to just stay in the hotel with me.

Which essentially means I’m going to ignore him all weekend and probably only see him when I’m driving drunk through the hotel hallways after the cocktail party in the room to change or sleep.

I have to hand it to my hubby: he’s been really cool about the whole thing. He knows how excited I am about going, and has made jokes about spending the weekend “catching up” on his Xbox games.

Truth is, the main reason he’s okay with these plans is that, in exchange for my day in Philly, he had a day to himself this past weekend, when he played in a gamer tournament. (Warhammer 40k is the game . . . if any of you have even HEARD of it before, I’d be impressed.)

So when he came home Saturday night around 10pm (when he told me he thought they’d be done around 6 lol), after a long 12-13 hour day, he spent the next few hours talking my ear off. And while I understand the bare-basics of the game, most of it was wayyyy over my head.

But I smiled, and nodded, and congratulated him for placing 23 out of 77 players, and laughed when he brought home $2.18 from the hundred dollar bill I gave him that morning to spend of raffle tickets.

Because, like everything else in marriage, it’s a give and take. And I fully intend on driving him crazy with hours and hours of blogging conference tales in three weeks.



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