Advantages of a Live Casino

live casino

To get the most from a live casino, the setting must be conducive to two-way interaction. The dealer is mic’d up, and players type their messages into a chat box that is displayed on a monitor in the dealer’s line of sight. Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to translate these messages. Optical character recognition allows the dealer to understand players’ responses. In addition, social gaming is another big advantage of live casino games.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

One of the core technologies of a live casino is Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which is becoming more common these days. This technology was first used in the 1990s for digitizing documents, such as newspapers. In the past, textual information had to be manually retyped. But with the development of OCR technology, casinos can easily keep track of everything that takes place in the gaming studio.

Using OCR technology to monitor a live dealer’s actions, OCR software can track all card suits, symbols, and more. As the live dealer moves from table to table, the OCR system can follow each action. The system also follows every roll of the dice or ball. To ensure accurate tracking, playing cards and roulette wheels contain tiny microchips. This technology enables real-time data to be displayed on the screen, allowing players to make better decisions.

Real-time HD video stream

Many online gamers experience frustration when there is a lag of just one or two seconds. That delay could be life or death. But it is also annoying. Luckily, technologies such as Realtime Streaming are available to reduce the latency. Here are a few reasons why your online casino should use this technology. All casinos should offer real-time HD video streams. It is the future of online gaming.

Streaming high-definition video is an industry standard. Real-time HD video is a great way to see what is happening on the gaming table. Streaming high-definition video ensures that players experience a realistic and authentic experience. With three different camera angles, a live dealer roulette game will give you an even better view of the action. Streaming video also enables you to communicate with the dealer directly.

Social gaming

Unlike the real-money casino, the social games at online casinos are free to play. You can play table games or slots for free, and you can always buy credits to play again later. This way, you can replenish your bankroll at regular intervals. The fastest and most convenient way to purchase Gold Coins is through PayPal. There are many social gaming websites available online, but they often lack the live dealer experience that players expect from the real-money versions.

Some of these games are free and can be played by anyone, including those who are not casino members. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when playing socially. If you’re at risk of gambling addiction, avoid social casino games. While these games may look like fun and provide hours of entertainment, they often encourage you to pay for the extras. While playing social casino games may be fun, they can be addictive.